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Refund Policy: Please be sure that you have done your homework on the Chihuahua breed and how to care for Chihuahua puppies.  Please be sure that all family members and pets will be okay with the new chihuahua puppy. Buyers remorse or difficulty potty training is not an acceptable reason for a return. If a buyer is not able to keep the purchased puppy, the buyer has one week to return the puppy for a partial refund. A $500 non-refundable charge will apply. Before any refund is given to the buyer, the seller must first have possession of the puppy and the seller's veterinarian must verify that the puppy is in good health. Only then will a refund apply minuis the $500 non-refundable charge. If the buyer is no longer able to keep the puppy after one week, no refund what so ever will be given.

Payment Information 
First Come, First Serve Policy: I will not hold a puppy without a deposit. Please do not ask me to reserve a puppy for you without a commitment to buy. The only way I know that you will honor your commitment to buy the puppy is by putting down a deposit.
Local Sales and Travel

I am no longer able to travel to meet buyers picking up a puppy. Due to my busy schedule with my family and chihuahua kids I am not able to be away from home for any elongated amount of time. Local buyers or buyers not wishing to use a pet nanny as a method of transportation will need to travel the full distance to my residence. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Shipping Information

I no longer ship my puppies cargo, I will have a puppy flown within the U.S to the buyer with a pet nanny for an additional cost of $650.  Due to the fact that Milwaukee is such a small airport I have to fly my puppies with a nanny that books tickets for flights, not just flys standby.  Because only small jets fly out of Milwaukee standby flights are not available, causing ticket prices to be higher.  I will glady meet any buyer at the airport if they choose to fly in themselves to pick up a puppy. 


We require a nonrefundable deposit of $300.00 to $500.00 depending on cost of puppy, to hold your puppy until it is ready to be shipped.  When the deposit is received the puppy will be marked Sale Pending until the puppy is paid in full.  Payment must be received in full when the puppy reaches 10 weeks of age .  If payment is not received by 10 weeks of age, the buyer forfiets their deposit and the seller is then able to repost the puppy for sale.  

If at any time a buyer no longer wishes to purchase the puppy that has been paid for in full, the price of the puppy will under no circumstances be refunded. In this situation payment will be held and used at a later date to purchase another puppy of the buyers liking.

Deposits are nontransferable.  Please be sure that you know which puppy you are committing to as transferring a deposit is not allowed.  If the buyer puts a deposit on puppy A and then decides that they would rather have puppy B they forfeit their deposit on puppy A and must put down a new deposit on puppy B. 

Methods of Payment


We do not under any circumstance accept Personal checks!!!

Cash is always prefered and accepted.

If you are not local and can not pay cash I do accept payment through PayPal via friends and family (if payed with a credit card or not payed through friends and family an addtional fee will apply).

We accept postal money orders by priority mail.